“...I am so very grateful we found you. Business accounting and taxes are a mystery to me. From the very beginning, you have relieved my concerns that I could make mistakes that would complicate things for my parents. No more! You are just what the doctor ordered!...”
John R
“...You have made my life a lot easier. We love our caregiver and we are so happy that we can have her continue to work for us, while you take care of the payroll and long-term care insurance details. It has taken a big load off of our shoulders...”
Mary M

A Few Words About Us

HireFamily is a turnkey provider of services to the 50+ million families currently receiving care from independent and Home Care Agency caregivers.

Our company helps manage the process of setting up, administering and processing payments for an independent or Home Care Agency caregiver. Where appropriate, we also take care of the process of withholding and paying employer and employee taxes, and take care of all year-end tax filing issues.

For long-term care insurance policyholders, we also help with paperwork, timekeeping and documentation to help meet the needs of the insurance policy, enabling faster and more predictable payment.

For Home Care Agencies, we reduce the burden of documentation and forms when submitting claims to LTC insurers or Medicaid.  We help Agencies get more business, get paid faster, and avoid complexities when dealing with these customers. 

With over 75 years of long-term care, accounting and care management experience on our leadership team, HireFamily understands the issues families face. With an innovative and unique combination of services that help families of all financial and need levels, we take pride and care in helping you help your family.

Our Advantages

We understand the unique needs and demands of long-term care.

Families in a long-term care situation have different needs from families hiring a nanny or companies hiring office workers. There can be multiple caregivers, different hours or schedules each week, and all decisions must be made in the middle of a difficult family situation. We understand these unique needs and have developed our customer service and technology models to fully support families dealing with these difficult issues.

  • Multiple or changing caregivers
  • Payments to family caregivers
  • Changing hours and schedules
  • Payment from LTC insurance
  • Difficulty tracking hours
  • Keeping your loved one safe

Why Choose Us

We simplify the process for you.

"Customer Service" and "Quality Assurance." These are buzz words and punchlines at many companies - at HireFamily they are part of our core business philosophy.

We also believe that people are easier to talk to than computers. We know you need help, and we pledge to offer the highest quality services in the most responsive and comforting way.

Better yet, we are extremely cost effective. Our services are affordably priced and are all-inclusive. Call or email us today to find out more.

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