Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

We help you help your family.

Whether you're paying for care out of pocket or with your long-term care insurance policy, hiring a Long-Term Care Provider independently or through an Home Care Agency can be a safe and cost-effective way to take care of your loved one. We help with all of the details so you don't have to worry.

HireFamily relieves the burden of documentation, multiple forms and tracking hours for individuals and families hiring independent caregivers. To meet IRS and state requirements (where appropriate) it is very important to establish a formal employment (as opposed to "independent contractor") relationship that protects both parties. We want to make the process as easy as possible, so we have developed a simple process to get a family up and running quickly and painlessly.

In simple terms, here is how to get started with HireFamily:

  • Register with HireFamily. Submit a contact form to HireFamily from this website and a representative will call you back the same day.
  • HireFamily registers you as an employer, and your caregiver as your employee. HireFamily takes care of all of the documentation necessary to file with the IRS and your state, and will register your Caregiver as an employee with all required paperwork.
  • Keep your care provider's hours without lifting a finger. If you choose, you will have access to HireFamily's proprietary timecard system, so we can track your caregiver's hours without you having to worry.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly payrolls replace your need to write a check. Your caregivers are paid via direct deposit, and all taxes and fees are withheld and paid to the IRS and your state at the appropriate time.
  • If you have long-term care insurance, we help you get paid more quickly. We have special forms and processes for families paying for care with long-term care insurance. With over 75 years of LTC knowledge on our team, understand both your needs and theirs.
  • HireFamily takes care of all of the year-end filings. At the end of the year, HireFamily will help you with any required tax filing needs, and will supply your Caregiver(s) with a completed W2 form.
In short, we make a difficult situation much easier for you and your family.
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What if I have
Long-Term Care Insurance?

You're in luck.

HireFamily understands the special needs of Long-Term Care Insurance policyholders. We have a special set of services for families with LTC insurance that simplifies the process tremendously. HireFamily can cut through the red tape and help you get paid more quickly.

We partner with some of the largest LTC insurance carriers to:

  • Help you use the provider you want
  • Get the most from your daily benefit
  • Meet all IRS and state requirements
  • Submit all proper documentation
  • Hire and change informal caregivers
  • Provide proof of payment
  • Meet elimination period requirements


IRS Publication 926: Household Employer's Tax Guide for Wages Paid in 2013

This is the official IRS publication that defines the family's obligations as an employer.

Informal Care Provider Log Sheet

This is the log sheet that HireFamily clients may use to record their hours and services. Our clients may download this form and print out multiple copies for personal use. Please submit the completed forms to HireFamily via fax at 781-373-3649. This form is Copyrighted and is for use by HireFamily Clients only.

HireFamily Tax Whitepaper - Deducting Caregiver Costs

You might be able to deduct a part or all of a caregiver's costs attributable to medical expenses on your tax return. HireFamily can help you with the documentation you need. Click the link above for more information.

Family Caregiving Information from Massachusetts Elder Care Options

Many people who find their way to this site are in a Family Caregiving crisis. For information on a number of other Senior Care topics including Paying for Senior Care, Elder Housing and formal Caregiving agencies we can recommend Massachusetts Elder Care Options. Although specific to Massachusetts this site has a wealth of information on a variety of senior topics.