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Why policyholders love HireFamily.

Families want to receive care from the providers they feel comfortable with. And using IPs or Home Care Agencies typically allows them to stretch their benefit dollar further. HireFamily protects policyholders using IPs - enabling them to use their desired provider without the hassle of paperwork and the additional IRS and state liabilty. And for both IP and Agency claims, we help them submit all of the required documentation and proof of payment necessary to get reimbursed, typically a daunting task for many policyholders. We also reduce the possibility of elder financial abuse as the claimant no longer has to write checks in front of their caregiver. And long-distance family members get the peace of mind that comes with HireFamily's verification of care - everyone can rest easier.

Why claims teams love HireFamily.

Paying claims is a difficult business - especially with the burden of incomplete, inconsistent and non-standardized invoices, daily visit notes and proof of payment.  HireFamily helps your team by providing standardized and verified documentation, invoices and timesheets showing when care was actually delivered. We perform thorough quality assurance checks and make sure that all documentation, timesheets, payroll and invoices match. This leads to greater efficiency and the ability to handle more claims with the same team - what previously took minutes now takes seconds.

Why LTC management loves HireFamily.

HireFamily helps LTC Insurers improve the bottom line. Claims involving IPs and Home Care Agencies have traditionally been drivers of claims complexity and unexpected or inflated claims experience.  Working together, HireFamily turns these claims from an administrative hassle into a standardized process ready for Straight-Through Processing.  With an innovative service that establishes and validates caregiver presence in the home, verifies hours and reduces the potential for claim inflation, HireFamily is working proactively to address one of the biggest issues in LTCI today.

HireFamily's long-term care verification services standardize claims processing while reducing fraud and claims cost.

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Services for IP and Home Health Agency Claims

Independent Provider Verification Services: Good for the claimant, good for the insurer

Policyholders and their families are more often choosing to receive care in the home from an Independent or Informal care provider. With proper processes and good communication, the use of these providers can be a cost-effective and safe way for many policyholders to obtain care.

For claims involving an independent provider, HireFamily enables quick and easy claims administration, greatly reduced risk of fraud and lower claims experience for the LTCI, and greater satisfaction and protection for the policyholders and their families.

Home Care Agency Partner Program:
Bridging Home Care Agencies and Long-Term Care Insurers

HireFamily’s Home Care Agency Partner program is part of a nationwide effort to bridge the needs of long-term care insurers and home care agencies.

For the first time, HireFamily makes it possible to get standardized invoices and documentationfor every home care claim.

Benefits for LTC Insurers:

  • Standardized invoices
  • Clean claims
  • Electronic processing
  • Service verification
  • Proof of payment
  • Satisfied claimants